Tips for Choosing Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture Tips in San Diego, CA

Greathouse In-House Custom Furniture Designers

Furniture adds a specific personality and style to each area. It’s important for consumers to buy furniture that fits their needs. What if you cannot find anything that you love? Greathouse Furniture & Patio steps in to solve your biggest furniture issues in San Diego, CA with our custom furniture options. Our in-house designers offer tips for choosing custom furniture that fits your dreams for your home. Since 2002, we’ve provided top-of-the-line products and superior customer service. Our designers will help the rooms of your dreams come to life with custom furniture. Stop by our showroom or contact us for more information.

Types Of Custom Furniture

Customized furniture options are endless. Each piece of furniture we help design and create is unique to you. We’re here to bring your dreams of a room to life. Some of the types of furniture we help create include:

Benefits Of Custom Furniture

Custom furniture is in a league of its own. At Greathouse, we ensure your custom furniture is unique to each person’s style. You can create a different look and style than in any other home. Custom furniture is made of some of the highest quality fabric and products in the market. Each piece of furniture is built to last for many years.

Dream Big

We want to hear your needs and desires for your customized furniture. We respect your thoughts about what fits best in each room. You can help us create your custom furniture by sketching a rough draft or writing down as many ideas as possible. We’ll help design your furniture from your thoughts. You may have some shapes, ideas, colors, or choices about your furniture and don’t know how to bring them to life. If you love modern furniture and don’t know where to start with designs, we may suggest tapered legs, sleek silhouettes, and tight upholstery. There is no dream too big to bring to us. Our designers will help your furniture dreams for any room come to fruition.

Planning Your Custom Order

The first step in ordering custom furniture is determining how many rooms you want to decorate and how many pieces of furniture you want. Whether you need a single piece of furniture or want to decorate an entire room, it’s best to determine a starting point with how many pieces you want. Decide on a budget and a style to start the process.

Choosing Custom Upholstery

Upholstery is one of the most essential parts of your furniture. Durable upholstery is often chosen for rooms with lots of activity or for pets and children. Leather and microfiber are excellent, stain-resistant, durable options for custom upholstery. If you want a classy, beautiful look for a formal room, linen is a wonderful choice. You should feel different upholstery fabrics to decide which options fit your lifestyle and are the most comfortable for each room. It’s best to choose high performance fabrics that offer a higher double rub count, are easier to clean, and more durable. We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from at Greathouse. We’ll help you create custom, eye-catching furniture with your upholstery choices.

Going For Color

The color of your furniture either makes it stand out or blend in. Choosing a color for your custom furniture pieces is one of the most challenging decisions because colors can drastically change the look of a room. Dark colors might make a room look smaller, while lighter colors bring life to the room. Neutral colors can make a room look classic and simple, but grays and tans also show more stains. It’s also fun for many people to mix and match colors and patterns in a room. You can contrast colors that complement each other to give a room a unique look. The color of your custom furniture selections should bring a specific look to each room, complement the functionality of the room, and work together to bring your dream for the room to life.

Size Of Room

Your room dimensions and floor plan play a large role in choosing customized furniture. If your sofa or chaise lounge seems too large or small for an area, it can throw off the feel of the room. You can customize the most beautiful piece in the world, but it is a waste if it doesn’t correctly fit the room. We’ll work with you to guarantee your custom furniture provides the best possible fit for each room.

Plan For Your Layout

There are countless options for any room layout. We can make the smallest rooms work with custom furniture. We’ll help fit unique spaces with customized furniture. We plan for any layout by mixing colors, finishes, fabrics, and styles that complement it.

Remember The Details

The details in a room give it a specific look. Once you’ve chosen the perfect design, color, upholstery, size, and material of a room, it’s time to focus on the touches. The details like stitching, welting, throw pillows, and nailhead trim are important to your furniture in each room. The area rugs you choose for each room should complement instead of contrast the style of the room. We’ll help create customized furniture without leaving out the important details. 

Amount of People

Your furniture selection goes hand-in-hand with the number of people in the room and sitting on it. Whether you plan to host multiple parties, have six kids, or live alone, all play a part in your furniture decision. If you have a small family, you might not need a large living room set. If you have a large family or plan to host large parties, you might choose a full-size sectional with multiple types of furniture in a big room.

Should Your Furniture Blend In Or Stand Out?

Choose the function of the furniture in each room. Do you want your furniture to make a statement or to blend in. If you want to make a dramatic difference, choose a custom-made bench or wingback chair. If you want the furniture to blend in, choose neutral colors with classic designs. If you want to make a statement with colors and patterns, choose bright or deep options. There are no wrong choices, but it’s important to make sure the function of your furniture fits with your idea in each room.

Do You Provide Interior Design Services?

We offer multiple types of interior design services to bring life to your home. We understand the challenge of trying to make furniture pieces work together to fit your unique style. We have free in-store design consultations to provide tips about designing different spaces of your home. We also offer in-home design consultations for a personalized approach to evaluate your space and discuss your visions for each room.

Our In-House Design Consultants Are Here For You

Our high-quality craftsmanship and compassionate associates are here for your every design need. Our in-house design consultants have decades of experience bringing dreams for different rooms to life. We know what fabrics and patterns work best in each room. We know the comfort levels of each type of furniture and can help guide you to make amazing choices. Whether you have an idea in mind or want us to customize an entire room, we’ll make your furniture dreams come true. You can help us by bringing a few items to your consultation, including:

  • Room Dimensions
  • Floor Plan
  • Floor Sample
  • Images of Preferred Styles
  • Pictures of Current Furniture
  • Paint Sample

Choose Greathouse for Customized Furniture

The Greathouse team began as one employee and grew into a nationwide furniture distributor and designer. We honor or roots by providing the best level of customer service. We know your home is a special place where you feel safe and happy. We help boost this experience by providing superb furniture options. We partner with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) to customize furniture selections and bring more style to your home.

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We want to help you love your furniture. Contact us today to get started on creating customized furniture that you love. Our sales associated and professional designers are here to ensure your furniture fits the needs and wants of each area. You’re always welcome to visit our beautiful showroom anytime or call ahead to schedule a one-on-one free in-store consultation.