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We Can Help You Create the Ideal Sofa or Sectional

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Lounging on a sofa or sectional to read a good book or watch your favorite team is among life’s greatest pleasures. While you are relaxing, you can forget about the pressures of work and let the snug furniture envelop you. Greathouse offers a stunning selection of sofas and sectionals for purchase online or in our San Diego, CA showroom. But you may have something more unique in mind for your living room. If you have perused our vast collection and did not see quite what you want, do not worry. We can make your vision a reality. Greathouse is proud to connect you with our experienced design consultants to customize a sectional or sofa that fits your style. We can incorporate custom upholstery and fabrics to create a piece that checks all of your boxes. Custom-made furniture is becoming increasingly popular because people want pieces that are unique to their personalities. To commission custom upholstered furniture, call us today.

Our Team Comprises In-House Design Consultants

When you decide to create a sofa or sectional that is all your own, you should solicit our design services. We maintain a team of highly experienced interior designers who can help create furniture pieces that will beautifully complement your living room. During a free in-store design consultation, our team will discuss what you have in mind and the ways to actualize it. We have been helping customers create their visions for years, and we are eager to do the same for you. Do not settle for furniture that does not fill your heart with joy every time you enter the room. Let us design something that brings a smile to your face and exhibits your creativity.

Things to Consider When Customizing Your Furniture

The team at Greathouse has customized furniture for individuals who knew exactly what they wanted and customers who came to us with a blank slate. Whether you know what you want or just know that you want something unique, we can help. But during a free in-store design consultation, we will need details to help guide your creation. You can stop by our showroom to schedule an appointment or call us ahead of time. Either way, we ask that you bring a list of items to maximize your experience. They include:

  • Room dimensions or floor plan – One of the most critical elements of your sofa or sectional is its size. We could collaborate to create the most comfortable, beautiful piece, but it would be a waste if it did not fit in your room. Bring us your floor plan to guarantee a perfect fit.
  • Pictures of current furniture – A great way to ensure that we create something that breaks from the norm is by understanding your current furniture. This will also give us a good sense of the room.
  • Images of preferred styling – If a piece of furniture inspired you to create a custom-made sofa, bring us a picture so that we can incorporate its elements.
  • Paint sample – We want to make sure that the furniture upholstery and fabrics we use will not contrast with your walls, so please bring a paint sample for comparison.
  • Floor sample – A floor sample will serve many of the same benefits as a paint sample. We will use it to suggest wood features that will complement your room.

Why You Should Choose Greathouse

Greathouse has spent more than two decades selling and designing furniture for a nationwide customer base from our home location in San Diego, CA. As a result, we have developed a reputation for delivering and producing eye-catching furniture that you will not find anywhere else. We use industry-leading products to create custom sofas and sectionals that are comfortable, reliable, and long-lasting. Our team of designers has decades’ worth of industry experience, so you can rest assured you are getting a high-quality piece of furniture that mirrors your vision. Additionally, we are an American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) partner.

Contact Greathouse for Your Custom Sofa Today

Your living room is one of the most highly-trafficked areas of the house. Furthermore, the sofas and sectionals within it get more action than any furniture other than your bed. Given the amount of time you spend in your living room, you deserve cozy, aesthetically-appealing furniture. No one knows your style better than yourself, so we invite you to play a role in creating your next sofa or sectional. The interior designers at Greathouse can help you create custom-made furniture that will highlight your panache. Contact us today for a free in-store design consultation.