Corie Johndro

October 16, 2019 2 min read

Corie Johndro
Corie Johndro
Interior Designer Extraordinaire

You can say that helping others create their unique spaces, whether it be a home or business, is in my blood and my destiny. My family has been in the furniture business for over a century and I am happy to continue their legacy.

Additionally both my mother and grandmother were very strong and creative women who ran their own businesses and modeled an incredible work ethic that I and my four sisters all aspire to. After earning a Bachelors of Art degree in Psychology I took my family's lead, and with my husband, created a successful business in the building industry where we helped designers, builders, contractors, and homeowners design and complete their new homes, remodels, and businesses for over 30 years in both Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

I recently landed in San Diego to be near both my grown daughters who have settled into a Southern California beach groove. Since moving here, my husband has become a gentleman farmer in his semi retirement and with my help has created a successful farm and proposed vineyard and winery in Fallbrook. Farm life is a bit too quiet for me, as I need to be with people and enjoy the hustle and bustle of retail. After spending two years on the management team for a large furniture and accessory store, while also ranking as one of their top sales people nationwide, I have found my new home with Greathouse. Working here allows me to do what I do best, which is help clients combine their prized pieces, full of their individual histories, with newly purchased furniture, rugs, lighting, and accessories to create spaces that are comfortable and unique.

“The art of living is the art of bringing dreams and reality together.”
― Tom Hodgkinson,